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01/06/13  Info on Burr plays in NYC in January



 12/8/12  Please see the following new article concerning Burr and Lewis Wetzel from an interview with our own Dr. Ray Swick.


November 18, 2012

Aaron Burr Exhibit on display in the Special Collections Libraries at the University of Georgia

Brian Hardison's alma mater, the University of Georgia, has given him the honor of being the first private collector to exhibit a collection in the brand new, state of the art, library gallery on campus. Below is the press release.
Writer: Jean Cleveland, 706/542-8079, jclevela@uga.edu
Contact: Chantel Dunham, 706/542-0628, cdunham@uga.edu
Aaron Burr exhibition on display at UGA’s special collections libraries
Athens, Ga. – A display of rare items exploring the life of Aaron Burr is on display until Jan. 31 at the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscript Library galleries of the Richard B. Russell Building Special Collections Libraries at the University of Georgia.
The Man Who Killed Hamilton: Defending Aaron Burr Through the Books, Manuscripts, Pamphlets and Historic Objects from the Collection of Brian Davon Hardison contains several hundred newspapers, manuscripts, previously unpublished signed letters, art and historic relics from the collection of Brian Davon Hardison, a 1981 alumnus of UGA and a judge in Paulding County.
The collection is said to be the most comprehensive portrayal of the complicated Founding Father, who distinguished himself during the American Revolution and went on to become an influential lawmaker. Burr served as U.S. vice president under Thomas Jefferson, but his legacy is overshadowed by political disputes and his infamous duel with Alexander Hamilton.
Many of the items in the collection relate to Burr’s contemporaries such as George Washington, Hamilton, Jefferson and Benedict Arnold. The exhibit includes Revolutionary War intelligence, the 1800 report of the first recorded murder trial in the U.S., an 1807 subpoena from Burr’s trial for treason and Burr’s watch, which contains the only known portrait of his first wife and the earliest known portrait of his daughter, Theodosia.
The exhibit previously was on view at the Grolier Club in New York, which also published the book, Burriana: A Catalogue of Rare Books, Pamphlets, Letters, Manuscripts, Documents & Objects by, About or Relating to Aaron Burr.
Hardison has been amassing the collection since the 1990s. He said he found Burr an interesting historical figure.
Burr outlived his children and made no effort to offer a written account of his life, unlike many of his contemporaries. Documents from the era reveal, however, a progressive record of support for women’s rights, the arts and the anti-slavery movement.
“I don’t think he was concerned with what others thought,” Hardison said. “He was not as concerned with his legacy as others were.”
The Hargrett Library gallery is open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays 1-5 p.m. For more information on the Hargrett Library, see www.libs.uga.edu/hargrett.



October 11, 2012 important Princeton article:




Article by ABA member John Endicott

Aaron Burr, Down (But Not Out) in Paris and London---



Dear Burrites,
   I want to bring your attention to a brand, or label, of red wine which at least partly recognizes our hero, Colonel Aaron Burr. A friend from Maryland, Christopher Hinkel (he attended our Richmond and Duel Reenactment meetings, among others),  recently gifted me with a bottle of red wine which I must tell you about, for at least two reasons: its great taste and its killer label.
   Here is what the front label says: "Dry Creek Valley. the FEDERALIST Dueling Pistols. Off the Hudson shore at Weehawken, the Federalist, Alexander Hamilton, was shot in a duel by Aaron Burr. "  The label on the rear of the bottle says, among things: "FEDERALIST  Dueling Pistols, 2009, Dry Creek Valley Appellation. 50% Zinfandel, 50% Syrah. Vinted and Bottled by 2Sons Winery, Healdsburg,  CA. THEFEDERALISTZIN. COM. "On July 11, 1804, off the Hudson shore at Weehawken, the original Federalist, Alexander Hamilton, was shot in a duel by Aaron Burr and died from his injuries. Since dueling is no longer socially acceptable, we suggest solving differences over a glass of this "dual" of zinfandel and syrah."
   This wine has a good taste. Unfortunately, it is pricey. At the Montgomery County, Md. Wine & Liquor store which carries it which I recently visited, they happened to have it on sale, for $26.99 for the small bottle (750 ML); regularly, it sells for $31.86 there. Many liquor stores offer a 10% discount if you buy a carton of wine, in general (12 750 ML bottles).
   Enjoy the remainder of the summer.
Stuart  Johnson
August 12, 2012



August 2012 Videos of secret hair trigger assembly

Hair trigger 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trZ_j1RysOE


Hair trigger 2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GofgeWV8iw0


Hair trigger 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-UKqqbFBUTE



1/12/12   Alexander Hamilton through the eyes of Aaron Burr

John and Peter,

 This you tube has a  rap song done in front of the Obamas by the writer/director of In the Heights, the Grammy and Tony award winning musical. I thought it was awfully clever.






10/25/11 Our speaker at the annual meeting this week:


Note the interesting readers comments section.

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The web site does not prevent one person from voting many times for Burr's opponents.


And more about the new book here:




News & Notes: Aaron Burr, Class of 1772, nominated for New Jersey Hall of Fame


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Congratulations Katherine on your new web site!





Charlton Street has its very own historian
Downtown Express
The street was once named Burr Street after Aaron Burr and then renamed following Burr's duel with Alexander Hamilton and his subsequent arrest. ...




9/17/11 Grolier Club description of the Exhibit:  See Forthcoming Exhibitions.






Hi, Peter.  Could you put this announcement up on the ABA website.  I only just found about this.  I won't be in Nashville, but, if you are, I hope you have a good time.

Best regards,

Suzanne G. Bowles, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History
William Paterson University

Here it is Sue.   Monday Sept 19.





4/23 Congratulations to Ron Chernow.

Thanks for the tid bid about weather the day of the duel.



4/17  Three videos from the TV:

This scene is off, because they did not start with pistols aimed at each other like Richard and Doug wish had happened.

Pistols were really aimed to heaven, and Hamilton hair trigger fired before completing his downward arc aim, per The Smithsonian article.


Round table:



Hi Everyone,
 I was able to view the Alexander Hamilton special last night. Thank you Aleta for giving me the heads up when it was going to air the second time. I was able to record it. It aired at 3:30 AM on Friday.
I found it to be very informative and enlightening. However they didn't portray Burr well. I was hoping that Peter would BIFF the guy in front of him in the head. Was he totally off base. I though for sure Peter was going to put him in his place. But I guess they wouldn't allow it. That is why we should have our own special highlighting the career and life of Aaron Burr.
The duel was OK. It would have been better if they shown film from our re-enactment. That would have added more flavor to the scene.
Antonio was outstanding and very distinguish. I though he should have gotten up and smacked the guy behind him after Peter BIFFED him and challenged him to a duel. 
Only kidding.
It was great seeing the both of you in the show. I was surprised. 
Robert Cavaliere


Thanks Bob,
    I saw it at 3am Wednesday.
I remember it was about 100 degrees there at the historic Madison Hotel on 60th and First Ave, once owned by John and Abigail Adams, or their daughter etc..
They gave us like five glasses of wine each.
They edited out all my ranting's, but Antonio put a good message across.
Not sure what BIFF means, but if I had a glove, I might have taken it off and whisked it across his face.
Challenging him with the 54 lead is so 18th century.
Here's a short vid I took off the TV.
At least in this scene he says Alex Ham is the conspirator,
(not the winner of the duel.)





Stuart's Letter to the Editor was published here:


April 11 at 10pm will be Rediscovering Alexander Hamilton on PBS.

Antonio Burr reenacts the duel and he speaks with Peter in the background at the Society of the Cincinnati scene.

Peter's pistols used in Weehawken are used again in this documentary.







Hello Gentlemen,
my name is Vann Mitchell and I am an art dealer in central Florida. I recently purchased the below miniature portrait of Aaron Burr which is signed and dated 1816. The artist is famous American portrait artist John Wesley Jarvis(1780-1820).  It is signed, dated and contained in the original frame. While researching the painting I came across your society and appreciate the comprehensive site. I will be selling this painting in the next few days and thought that perhaps one of your members may have interest. I will be selling the painting for 1600 delivered. If by chance anyone is interested please let me know at your earliest convenience. Many thanks.
Vann Mitchell
813  610-5824


2/2 Joseph Alston property is recognized.




Pentagon Cable TV channel, Timeline feature, Fit for Duty show:
   I respectfully suggest that on Feb. 6, this year (or, the nearest air day, since Feb. 6 is a Sunday), you carry on your "On this day in history" piece, words to this effect:
   "On this day in history, 255 years ago (that is, on Feb. 6, 1756), Col. Aaron Burr, Jr., who would become our nation's third Vice President (serving under Pres. Thomas Jefferson, in his first term), was born in Newark, N.J. During his military career, as an officer-patriot in the American Revolutionary War, Aaron Burr distinguished himself at the battles of Quebec; Brooklyn/Long Island; and Monmouth, N.J., and at an outpost near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania."
Thank you.
Stuart Fisk Johnson, Esq.
1004 Butterworth Lane
Upper Marlboro Md 20774
(301) 336-8222
ABA's Website: www.aaronburrassociation.org



This Vidal story now has legs 1/4/11:




Interesting video of Gore Vidal telling the truth about Burr.  1/3/11