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2007 Annual Meeting

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Richmond: October 2 - 6, 2007

Activity before the Annual Luncheon

Stuart and Helena planned a great meeting for us.

We loved the tour of the St. James River canal.

This part of Richmond was burned during the Civil War, and rebuilt.

But Richmond has some interesting shops, and items for sale!!

Our B&B was great!

We also had a cocktail party with the John Marshall Society

at the historic John Wickham family house.

Here's the back yard before we arrived.

Wickham's children built it after a fire destroyed the original house.

Wickham was the leading attorney at the Richmond bar,

and gave a great closing argument, helping Aaron Burr to be declared innocent.

We thank TenEyck for hosting us at his wonderfully restored home.

And we will never forget the fantastic Scottish song by his neighbor.

Another fine restoration, The Virginia State House. This is the entrance. The Burr court room is behind the upper columns.

ABA Members first took a guided tour of the entire building.

The Trial Reenactment was held in the actual court room where Burr, Marshall and the others were.

Near the bust of John Marshall is a plaque.

ABA members and Hamilton documentary producer Michael Pack in back pack.

Morley Thompson and family and friends flew in from California to act out his script with us again after 14 years.

Actors follow the script carefully. Dr. Antonio Burr, playing Aaron Burr, is centered.

Judge Charles Burr plays John Marshall.

(Someone said Governor Tim Kaine stopped in to see part of the reenactment, since his office is down the hall.)

After the hour long presentation, the cast posed for photos. Burr, the accused was in white shirt.

Stuart gave an intro, and Peter was narrator and court clerk.

Richard Maroc, Esq. always dreamed of sitting in Chief Justice Marshall's chair.

Judge Brian Hardison introduced Mary Jo Kline to us. Author Dr. Clark and his wife look on.

Mary Jo told us her husband, out of picture to the left. admires General James Wilkinson!

She appreciated that Dr. Nancy Isenberg went through all the microfilm Mary Jo meticulously prepared years ago.

Morley graciously treated the cast to a fine dinner and drinks at Tobacco Road after the play.

Emiliano and videographer Camilo with their dad Antonio Burr.


Aaron Burr Association

Annual Luncheon

October 6, 2007

at Sam Miller's

Richmond, VA


Here was the reservation form we completed earlier.

2007 Annual Meeting in Richmond, VA

Bicentennial of the most famous trial in US History.

Aaron Burr is innocent !

Members are welcome to register using this form below:

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