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2008 Annual Meeting Photos

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

2008 Annual Meeting

Kingston, NY, home to Painter John Vanderlyn

On Friday we took a river boat ride down the Hudson.

George, Harry, Brian, Helena, Pete and Stuart enjoy the scenery.

One of the lovely riverfront mansions.

This was the Marist Brothers Property. Other notable mansions were the Vanderbuilt, Hyde Park,

Livingston's and Morgan Lewis who defeated Burr for the NY Governorship in 1804.

Friday night, Stuart and Helena at the live band dancing.

Before the luncheon, sales of books and pamphlets.

Ginny, Brian, Sue and Anna with the bronze plaque.

Lucienne and Lyman.

Dennis (who accumulated the Rutgers collection) Rosemarie and Sue.

Eleanor, Cathy, Chuck and Aimee


Preparing for lunch.

At the head table, Sue, Diane, Antonio and Stuart.

Katherine Woltz delivered the annual lecture on painter John Vanderlyn.

Brian discusses Grolier Club exhibition plans.

Stuart conducts the business portion of the meeting.

Everyone enjoyed the annual meeting as usual, and

we look forward to next year possibly in Washington, DC.


2008 Meeting Information

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