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2009 Annual Meeting Photo Gallery

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Partial Photo Gallery of Selected Events

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Society of the Cincinnati

Touring the Anderson House bequeathed as headquarters for the Cincinnati.

Brian knew about these two images below.

The President General following George Washington from 1800 until his death in 1804.

The seventh President General William Popham 1844-1817. Eight years earlier, he was a pall bearer at Aaron Burr's funeral

Thank you to the wonderful library staff who hosted us.

The librarian explains the painting of Montgomery to Helena and the rest of us.

Among the items on display for us was the original (undated) signed register showing that Aaron Burr had paid his dues as listed sixth on the left page,

and as approved by Pres. Gen. Hamilton first on the right page.

It would be July 4, 1804 when Hamilton would sing to Burr and others at the Society's banquet,

a week before their fateful meeting in Weehawken.

The librarian shows us an original medal.

And an original membership certificate.

Thank you again to everyone who made our visit to the Society of the Cincinnati so memorable.

Thanks Bob for your photos included with mine, (Pete)


The White House and Capitol Steps Show

We enjoyed a wonderful tour of the White House thanks to tickets made available from Senator Richard Burr

No cameras were allowed, so this one was unused after this [picture of ABA members on line to take the 9:30 am tour.

The White House as seen from the W Hotel Restaurant above the nearby Treasury Building.

That evening we enjoyed the satirical comedy show: Capitol Steps.


The Capitol & Library of Congress

We had a wonderful guided tour thanks to Senator Richard Burr's capable staff.

We were interested in teh Columbus painting by John Vanderlyn.

There was some confusion about this room.

From 1810 on it served as a judicial chamber,

but in 1804 it is where Aaron Burr gave the most moving address ever delivered to the senate,

provoking tears from many Senators as Burr bade them farewell.

A US Senator is interviewed as we pass by.

We also greeted Rep. Barney Frank outside on his way in, and Nancy Pelosi was outside her office.

During our visit to the Senate Chamber to see Aaron Burr's bust next to John Adams' (where no cameras were allowed)

we heard Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson testify against the current Cap and Trade bill under consideration.

Here is the shuttle train beneath the capital we all rode to the luncheon and Library of Congress.

Frank and Bill Burr in the Library Atrium.


Luncheon with Senator Richard Burr

Here si the gift we purchased and engraved for our Annual Luncheon Speaker, Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina

Harry Anderson and Stuart present the gift after the wonderful speech.

Namesake and distant cousin Richard Burr gives Senator Richard Burr a genealogy tree catalogue of the Burr Family.

The Senator later invited us back to his office where we relaxed and chatted.

Special thanks to the Senator and his gracious staff for making the luncheon so special.


The Annual ABA Business Meeting

The 4 Burr Sisters:

1. Joyce Cole, Hagerstown, MD 2. Darlene Cline, Madison, TN 3. Faye Stubblefield, Cross Plains, TN 4. Thelma Parivar, Arcadia, CA

Aimee addresses the group.

Plans for the following years have been made. we look forward to those meetings.


Mount Vernon and Potomac River Cruise


Reservation Form

9/28/09Attached is the list of box lunches we may choose among for the Oct. 29 luncheon with Sen. Burr. I am charging each attendee $30 per luncheon, which will include the box lunch; 25% tip & tax; the room charge; and a gift I'll buy for the Senator. Please let me know which choices you want. Stuart & Helena