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2013 Annual Meeting in Saratoga, NY

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Cocktail Party with Dueling Wine bottles!

Discussion of Madame Jumel House portrait of Aaron Burr

Tour of the Albany Capitol

NY governor's hall

Capitol Lawmaker Hall

General Schuyler Mansion

Fort Orange Club library where Aaron Burr stayed. December 7, 2012 Dear ABA members and friends, We are pleased to announce that our 2013 Annual Meeting will be held Monday, September 23rd through September 28th, in the beautiful city of Saratoga Springs, N.Y. (S.S.), which is a 45-minute drive north of Albany. The details of our hotel room block and exciting itinerary are contained in the attached Reservation Form. Please fill-out and return the form to Stuart ASAP, as the more we can predict our numbers, the better we can plan our venues. Please retain a photocopy of the form, and bring it with you to the meeting. Saratoga Springs was the summer residence of Aaron’s final wife, the beautiful and wealthy Madam Eliza Bowen Chase Jumel. Aaron spent the summers of 1834 and 1835 in Saratoga Springs. The original campus of Skidmore College, in S.S., was built on Woodlawn, the estate of Judge Henry Walton who, as a young man, studied law in Aaron’s office. Happy holidays. Stuart and Helena Cell: (301) 641-0494 Fax: (301) 350-5700


RESERVATION FORM for 2013 Annual Meeting of the Aaron Burr Association Saratoga Springs, New York [Please fill-in all blanks (underlined items); if not attending an event, write “none.” Please return to Stuart ASAP, as we need to give number estimates and deposits to venues, well ahead of time.] List your name(s): Date: We will arrive on September: by: automobile train airplane bus We will check-out on September: COST NUMBER SUB TOTALS EVENT PER/PERSON ATTENDING and TOTALS Monday, Sept. 23 Check-in begins at the HOLIDAY INN, 232 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866 (our hotel). For reservations:

  1. Call the toll free national reservation number: 1-800-HOLIDAY (465-4329). Refer to our group code: ABR; or,

  2. Call the hotel’s local number: 1-518-584-4550; or,

  3. Go on to Use our group code for all methods of reservation.

Our room block ends September 2, 2013, but you are encouraged to book immediately (you can always cancel later), in order to ensure obtaining a room. Our week is a popular period for weddings, national conventions, etc. Our room block special rate is $139 per night, plus 13% taxes, for single or double occupancy. Breakfast of the value of up to ten dollars per guest is complimentary with each of our rooms, only. The hotel will provide a breakfast ticket for each morning to be given to each overnight guest. If your party includes three or more persons, and you want a suite, our rate is $239 plus taxes. Our luxury room rate is $159 plus taxes, (ask the hotel about this room if you have an interest). Amenities: Our hotel contains 168 guest rooms; has four floors, and is non-smoking. The few pets brought are generally confined to first floor rooms. Each room has a mini refrigerator and microwave. When you book, you may want to request a room with a view of the beautiful and adjacent Congress Park, a high floor, and quiet location. There is an indoor swimming pool and exercise room; and large, complimentary parking lot. We meet and greet in the full restaurant, bar and lounge area, which features a fire pit outside. Tuesday, Sep. 24th 9:00 a.m.: We carpool a 12-mile quiet rural road trip from our hotel to the SCHUYLER HOUSE, Schuylerville, N.Y., the country estate of American Revolutionary War Major General Philip Schuyler. 10:00 a.m: Our 60-minute narrated, private tour begins. There is no fee, but there is a voluntary tip repository. Yes, I plan to attend this venue. Your name(s): 11:30 a.m: We carpool 7 ½ miles southeast to the SARATOGA NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK (“Battlefield”), to start a 12 noon tour of their Visitors Center, with film and many exhibits. At around 1:30 p.m., we’ll start a ranger-guided two hour tour of the 12-15 miles of the Battlefield. We will have a brief lunch somewhere. Fees: $5 per carload, plus a total of $80 for the two hour tour. I will bill you later, once I know how many of us will attend this venue. Yes, I plan to attend this venue. Your name(s): On the way back to our hotel, we’ll drive around beautiful Saratoga Lake and the quaint village there. 5:00p.m: (approx.), we’ll meet and greet new arrivals in our hotel restaurant. Wednesday, Sept. 25th In the morning, we’ll walk around the huge Congress park, adjacent to our hotel; the Visitors Center (full of exhibits) of Saratoga Springs; the quaint stores; and low-key museums near the hotel. 1:30 – 3:30p.m: Hollis A. Palmer, Ph.D., author of SEE and BE SEEN (and ten other books), leads us on a tour of the must-see BATCHELLER MANSION INN, 20 Circular St. (next to our hotel). There is a $25 per person fee, paid in advance to ABA, which includes the tour; a “tea” (sandwiches, scones, tea and coffee); and a booklet explaining the mansion and life of Ambassador George Batcheller, of the Civil War era. ( Yes, I plan to attend this event. Your name(s): persons X $25 = $ Please include this advance fee in your check (payable to the ABA), with your filled-in reservation form mailed to Stuart, since food will have to be ordered by the staff in advance. Each evening we will discuss which of the many good restaurants, all within walking distance, to go to. Thursday, Sept. 26th 9:30 a.m. Derby tours picks us up at the hotel to begin a two hour tour of S.S., narrated by local historians Charlie Kuenzel and Dave Patterson, aboard either a trolley or refurbished school bus, with sound system. The fees are a total of $200.00 for the tour guides, and a vehicle rental fee of at least $200.00. The vehicle holds 40 persons. I will therefore estimate the per person fee to be $15.00. Please include this in your check and reservation form, as I must pay a deposit in advance. I (we) plan to take this tour: Your name(s): persons X $15 = $ The tour includes the campus of Skidmore College; the nearby millionaires’ residential row; the Race Track; Yado artist colony retreat and gardens; and Lake Avenue, where Madam Eliza Jumel was driven each day in her gold and white color carriage, drawn by 6 to 8 horses, as citizens gawked from the street (an example of the “See and Be Seen” culture of Saratoga Springs). Around 4:p.m: You do not want to miss our cocktail party at the Madam Jumel House, 129 Circular Street, S.S. In 2011, Gregory and Shelly Burns purchased this beautifully-restored historic former summer residence of Eliza Jumel, who was one of the largest landowners in S.S. The Burns’ graciously are inviting us to their home, which is within walking distance of our hotel. ABA will purchase the hors d’oeuvres, and alcoholic and soft beverages to be served. I will need to collect in advance each attendee’s share. I have no experience concerning the cost, but I would estimate the per person fee to be $25.00. I (we) plan to attend this event. Your name(s) persons X $25 = $ Please pay in advance, payable to ABA. Friday, Sept. 27th (Our Albany NY day) 9:00 a.m. We carpool from the hotel in a slow-moving caravan some fifty minutes to:

  1. (10:30 a.m. – 12 noon) The STATE CAPITOL and park our vehicles, for a fee, in the underground lot of the EMPIRE STATE PLAZA.

Stuart Lehman, Education Coordinator, leads us on a fascinating, free tour of the Capitol building. Highlights will include walking down the “Million dollar interior Stair Case” made of sandstone imported from Scotland, imbedded with busts of famous people, including Alexander Hamilton. We will see the huge paintings of former New York State Governors; a timeline; and much more. I plan to take this tour. Your name(s): We can purchase sandwiches and salads in the concourse, 12:00 – 1:00p.m. 2:00 – 3:00 p.m: One mile away, we have a guided tour of THE SCHUYLER MANSION, 32 Catherine Street, the main residence of Gen. Phillip Schuyler and his remarkable wife, Catharine Van Rensselaer. Here, in the library, son-in-law Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr borrowed law books while preparing for admission to the State Bar. Fee: $3 per person, paid at the entrance. Names of Persons Taking this tour: 4:00pm: If you so choose, for another $3 per person, we can drive a few miles directly across the Hudson river and have a tour of the Mansion’s sister property; CRAILO STATE HISTORIC SITE, 9 ½ River Avenue, Rensselaer, NY, the museum of the Colonial Dutch in the Hudson River Valley. It has an award-winning exhibit. ( or Names of person(s) planning to take this tour: If some people want to skip Crailo, indicate here: We will arrange for one of our cars to split off and return to the hotel. Saturday, Sept. 28th : 11.00.a.m – 4:00p.m: We hold our annual social hour, sit-down luncheon and business meeting, at our hotel. Speaker to be announced. By a separate mailing, I will send you the entrée choices to vote for and select, along with the luncheon prices. I/we plan to attend the luncheon: Your name(s): A number of members have already made plans to not check-out until Sunday. DUES REMINDER Annual membership dues of $25, for 2012 (if not yet paid), and for 2013, are payable to ABA and mailed, along with this completed reservation form, to: Stuart Johnson 1004 Butterworth Lane Upper Marlboro, MD 20774-2205. Dues for 2012 and 2013: times $25 = $ Thanks to Webmaster Pete Tavino for the constant addition to our very complete website. Grand total of enclosed check to ABA: $ Our full names, addresses and phone numbers (including guests) are: Name Address Telephone Email: Name Address Telephone Email: Name Address Telephone Email: Name Address Telephone Email: Name Address Telephone Email: The week starting Tuesday, Sept. 24, 2013 Saratoga Springs, New York 4 letters to the Membership as dated: 11/1/12 Dear ABA members and friends, I am happy to inform you that you may now make reservations for next year's ABA Annual Meeting at our sleeping room block at the HOLIDAY INN, 232 Broadway, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. We have rooms reserved for Monday, September 23 through check-out on Sunday, Sep. 29, 2013. Of course, members will arrive on different dates. I would ask you, however, to make your reservations now, for several reasons. It will ensure your actually obtaining a room; it will help me plan the number of persons for each day of our planned venues (see my prior group emails), all of which have deadlines for me getting the facility a "head count" and a deposit; and, you can always cancel your reservation should your plans change. There are three ways to reserve at the Holiday Inn; for all three, you refer to our group's code: "ABR" (for Aaron Burr reservations): (1) Call the hotel directly, at 1-(518)-584-4550. I did so, today, and reserved for Sep. 23-29. (2) Call the national reservation number at 1-(800)-HOLIDAY -465-4329. (3) On the internet, at "" Our discounted group rate is $139, plus 13% taxes, per night, for single or double occupancy, for two double beds, or one king bed. Due to my hard negotiation, the hotel has agreed to include a complimentary breakfast, up to $10 in value, to each guest, for each overnight guest. Let me give you some tips: Let us say that your party includes three people. You should consider reserving a suite, which for us is $239, plus taxes, per night. For one or two persons, "luxury" rooms are $159, plus taxes, per night (I do not know what the luxury room consists of). Each room includes a mini-frig; micro-wave, and free internet connection. To avoid pets, which are largely confined to the first floor (there are few pets), ask for floors two through four. Ask for a room with a view of Congress Park. The huge parking lot is free. Bring your bathing suit and exercise clothes, both indoors. Please let me know when you reserve, so I may keep a list of each person's arrival. Don't forget that, apparently, you can take a train from NYC (or south) all the say to Saratoga Springs. If a few of you are booking at the glamorous Batcheller Mansion Inn, next door to the Holiday Inn, let me know. Peter Tavino: please post this message on our website. Thanks. Stuart Your humble servant. Nov. 1, '12 Oct. 26, 2012 Dear ABA members and friends, (1) I am awaiting a contract to sign with the Holiday Inn, 232 Broadway, Saratoga Springs ("S.S."), NY, which will be our main group guest room block hotel for next year's Annual Meeting. The dates definitely will be as stated in the subject line, above. As soon as I sign the contract and obtain a group reference code, I will notify you, so you may immediately call for room reservations, for the nights you plan to arrive for. You can always cancel later, if your plans change. Believe me, hotels in S.S. fill-up almost a year ahead of time, due to weddings, national associations' meetings, bar mitzvahs, etc. *** I have obtained an important, and financially advantageous concession from the Holiday Inn. At my request, they have agreed to include in the $139 per night guest room fee (1 or 2 occupancy; plus, 13% taxes) a complimentary breakfast for each person, up to $10 in value. All rooms have a refrigerator and microwave. (2) As I have mentioned in prior group emails, a few of you attendees may wish to book a sleeping room in the Batcheller Mansion Inn, 20 Circular St., S.S., directly in the rear of the Holiday Inn. If so, you had better book immediately, as there are only five affordable rooms in the Mansion: 3 "Standard" rooms (one is on the second floor, two on the third floor), at the rate of $149, minus 10%, plus taxes; and two "Superior" rooms, both on the 3rd floor, at the rate of $169 per night, minus 10%, + taxes. A luxury, homemade breakfast is included, made by Daniel Delgaudio, the Innkeeper, from 8-10 am. The kitchen has 30 foot ceilings. Every room is excellent. There is no elevator. Toll free number: 1-800-616-7012. Local tel. no.: 1-518-584-7012. Tell Daniel you are with ABA. I met him earlier this month. ABA has no room block there. (3) So far, I have not made a subsidiary room block with the Inn at Saratoga, which is directly across the street from the Holiday Inn. We will frequent their attractive Tavern, with large glass windows overlooking Broadway; excellent food; quiet, live entertainment. (4) I am sending this email to a few new persons, who have not received my prior group emails. For those added persons, please go on ABA's website:, and see our proposed Itinerary for the week by clicking on "2013 Meeting." Since that was posted, I have added two events for Tuesday, Sep. 24, 2013: (a) 10 am: The Schuyler House, in Schuylersville, NY, which is closed to the public during the week after Labor Day, has agreed to open specially for us, for an hour-long guided tour. After that, we continue carpooling 7 1/2 miles south of that and have a Ranger-led, private tour of the ten miles of the Saratoga Battlefield, after first visiting their extensive Visitors Center, with film (so, 12 noon-3 pm, total). Due to these Sep. 24 events, several of you have notified me that you will arrive at the Holiday Inn on Monday, Sep. 23rd, a wise idea. (5) To help me reserve the proper number of guest room at the Holiday Inn for each day, in the contract, please let me know immediately which nights you will stay at the Inn, if you have not previously done so. The week of our meeting next year includes the same two or three day period our association originally met, in past decades. Other trivia items: Did you know that the D.A.R., and the potato chip, were begun at S.S.? Your faithful servant, S. Johnson (Stuart F. Johnson) (301-336-8222 Oct. 26, 2012 __._,_.___10/21/1310/21/12 Dear ABA members and friends, After many hard choices and decisions, and considering your feedback, I have arrived at the following proposed schedule of events. Some of the proposed events are not "set in stone," so please continue giving me your reactions and preferences. Since I have to decide this coming week on reaching a contract with a hotel for our room block, please let me know this week which days you believe you will be booking at the hotel I choose, and which events you expect to attend. I have to know how many hotel guest rooms to reserve in the contract, for each day of our week. Note that, due to a unique opportunity to visit the Schuyler House on Tuesday, Sep. 24th, some of us will check-in at the hotel one day early, on Monday, Sep. 23rd. Please print-out these series of emails; collect them in a folder; and bring them with you to the meeting next year, to refresh your memory as the week unfolds. Monday, September 23, 2013: For those who wish to take advantage of the Tuesday historic tours, we check-in to our main room-block hotel in downtown Saratoga Springs ("S.S."). Tuesday, Sep. 23: (a) Today, 10/21/12, as I write this email, the SCHUYLER HOUSE, in Schuylerville, NY, has agreed to give us a private tour of their facility (after Labor Day, they are open only on Sat. and Sunday to the public). Plus, their tour guide will be a Schuyler descendant. So, we will car pool from our hotel in order to arrive by 10 a.m. at the House, which is some 12 miles east of S.S. The roads are very easy to negotiate. This was the country estate of Major General Philip Schuyler. father in law of Alexander Hamilton. The tour, which is excellent, takes one hour. (b) Then, we will car pool 7 1/2 miles south, to their big-sister property, the SARATOGA NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK, aka Battlefield. Since our members include descendants (collateral though they may be) of an American Revolutionary War officer, certain fees will be waived. But for an $80 fee, we can have a private two-hour guided tour of the ten miles of battlefield and roads. Plus, there is a fee of $5 per carload, which we will have to pay. We will also be able to see their large, and interesting, Visitors Center, with a movie and multiple exhibits. (c) On the way back, we can drive past beautiful Lake Saratoga. (d) Once back at our hotel, we will meet and greet our new arrivals in the hotel's restaurant and lounge. Wed. Sep. 25: We can leave the morning open, allowing us to explore, on foot, huge Congress Park, next door to the hotel, and the nearby museums, stores and the Ben and Jerry's. 1:30-3:30 or 4:00 pm: Hollis A. Palmer, Ph.D., author of SEE and BE SEEN: Saratoga in the Victorian Era (and ten other books, some mentioning Madam Eliza Jumel), leads us a tour of the fascinating BATCHELLER MANSION INN, 20 Circular St., S.S.( n)). ext door to our hotel). For $25 per person, we will have a tour; formal "tea" (which includes sandwiches, scones and cookies); and a complimentary booklet explaining the Mansion and life of Ambassador George Batcheller, of the Civil War era. Dr. Palmer interprets timber baron George Batcheller. You do not want to miss this event. After that, we meet and greet new arrivals at the hotel. Thurs., Sep. 26: 9:30 a.m.: Derby Tours picks us up at the hotel to begin our two-hour tour of Saratoga Springs, narrated by local favorites Charlie Kuenzel and Dave Patterson, aboard either a trolley or a refurbished school bus, with sound sytem. The two guides have a total fee of $200, and the vehicle rental fee is at least $200, and holds at least forty persons. The tour includes the new campus of Skidmore College (their original campus was the estate, Woodlawn, of Judge Henry Walton who, as a young man, studied law in the office of Aaron Burr); the mansions of North Broadway; Yado artist retreat and gardens; and Lake Avenue, where Madam Jumel was driven each day in her gold and white color carriage, drawn by 6 or 8 horses, as citizens gawked from the street (an example of the See and be Seen culture of S.S.). Approx'y 4-8 pm: Gregory and Shelly Burns graciously will welcome us to their beautifully-restored home, the Madam Jumel House, 129 Circular Street, for a cocktail party with hors d'ouevres (the cost of which will be split among the ABA attendees). Rebecca Codner, who interprets Madam Jumel, presently does not know whether she will be available during our week. Friday, Sep. 27: With one exception, most responders are in favor of a visit to Albany, NY, which does have connections to Aaron's career. Tell me your thoughts on the following proposal. 9:00 a.m.: We carpool in a slow-moving caravan some fifty minutes south to: (1) (10:30 a.m.-12 noon) The STATE CAPITOL and park, for a fee, underneath the gigantic EMPIRE STATE PLAZA, the brainchild of former Governor Nelson Rockefeller. STUART LEHMAN, Education Coordinator, leads us on a fascinating tour of the NYS Capitol, which Helena & I took this month. Some of its highlights: - walking down the Milllion Dollar interior Staircase, made of reddish sandstone imported from Scotland, featuring busts, including of Alexander Hamilton (once again, Aaron has been neglected, but Stuart Lehman is trying to research for us where Doctor Samuel Cooper's residence was, on State Street, where Hamilton uttured his duel-provoking words at the dinner party). - the Hall of past Governors of N.Y., with portraits and texts; - a Time Line - huge paintings, murals, dramatic ceilings, and other architectural coups. We can have a sandwhich in their concourse, before returning to our vehicles and driving a mile to: (2) THE SCHUYLER MANSION, 32 Catherine Street (2-3 pm tour), the main home of Maj. Gen. Philip Schuyler, and his remarkable wife, Catherine Van Ressselaer Hamilton. This truly wonderful guided tour includes: (a) viewing the library room of Gen. Schuyler where both Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton borrowed law books while preparing to be admitted to the NY State Bar. (b) seeing the bedroom where British General John Burgoyne was held, under house arrest, before he was put on a ship and allowed to return to England; and, (c) seeing the Scandal room, with placques explaining gossip and racy stories concerning the Schuyler Family. (3) If you so choose, for an extra $3 per person, we can drive directly across the Hudson River a few miles and have a tour of the Mansion's sister property, the CRAILO STATE HISTORIC SITE, the museum of the Colonial Dutch in the Hudson River, 9 1/2 Riverside Ave, Rensselaer, NY ( ( State Historic Site). If some people want to skip this final tour, perhaps one of our cars could split off and return to the hotel. 6 pm: Back at the hotel, we will have the difficult decision of which of SS's many interesting restaurants to visit. Sat., Sep. 28: 11 am-4 pm: We hold our annual social hour, followed by the sit-down luncheon at our hotel. We have not yet picked a speaker, although I have some interesting ideas. I invite yours. Evening: If some of you stay over until Sunday morning, as Helena & I will, we can walk around downtown. I ask Pete Tavino to post this announcement on our Website, and I await your responses and suggestions. Stuart Johnson Your faithful servant(301) 336-8222 10/21/12 10/13/12 All,

As I said in the last group email message a few days ago, it appears that the week starting Tuesday, Sep. 24, 2013, will work best for not only all but some three of our members but, also, several of our planned venues, and possible room-block hotels, as compared to the Oct. 8th week.

Here are some definite venues, so far:

(1) Wednesday, Sep. 25, 1:30-4:00 pm: We will have a guided tour of the fabulous BATCHELLER MANSION INN, 20 Circular St., S.S.

(Website: Phone: (518) 584-7012. The $25 per person fee includes the tour; a formal tea (finger sandwiches, scones, cookies, tea and coffee); and a booklet explaining the history of the Batcheller family and mansion). The tour is given by Dr. Hollis Palmer, author of eleven books on the cultural history of Sar. Springs. The tour is given only at the 1:30 time slot, and is not given on Fridays. The Mansion is a two-minute walk from the Holiday Inn and, also, the Inn at Saratoga.

(2) Thurs., Sep. 26, late in the afternoon (4 pm?), into the evening: The owners of the Jumel House, 129 Circular St., S.S.: Greg and Shelly Burns, graciously have invited us to put on a cocktail party, with hors d'oeuvres, in their home. ABA will pay for the food and drink and will charge each attendee, ahead of time, for an apportioned part of the costs. Since leaving S.S., it now has come to my attention that there is a woman, Rebecca Codner, who interprets (as a costumed reenactor) Madam Jumel. I have emailed her as to her fee and dates of availability. If Greg and Shelly give their consent, perhaps Ms. Codner can make an appearance at the cocktail party. If so, I will divide her fee among the attendees. I probably will invite the local print media to cover us, and Greg & Shelly consent.

The Jumel House is large, beautiful, and has wonderful sitting porches (another reason for having our Annual Meeting in late Sep., as opposed to early Oct.). Today, Oct. 13, as I write this from Bennington, Vt., we had a freeze overnight, and car windshields had to be scraped in the morning. The Jumel House is w/i walking distance of each hotel mentioned above or, if you wish, we could take a hotel shuttle bus.

(3) On the mornings of Wed, Thurs or Friday, we could take the wonderful two-hour guided tour of S.S., given by two retired school teachers, Charley Kinzell and Dave Patterson, either by trolley or (if the trolley goes out of business) a reconditioned school bus.

(4) I plan to leave "down time" for you to be able to simply walk around downtown S.S. and visits the many quaint shops; the Ben & Jerry's; etc .

(5) I am under the impression that there is a train which travels from New York City to the Amtrak station in downtown Sar. Springs.

(6) One issue I would like you to hear you on: There are so many interesting venues, including museums, right in S.S., that we would fill up our time by never traveling outside the city. For example, there are several history museums; a dance museum; a military history museum; "Yazo," an artists' retreat colony with beautiful gardens, a few miles from our hotels; watching race horses being exercised each morning, from 7 am -10 am; beautiful Congress Park, with its mineral springs, next to our hotels and the Batcheller Mansion.

(7) The Schuyler House, in Schuylerville, NY, is seven miles from downtown S.S.; out a country road, and is a very interesting tour (we took it).

(8) The Batcheller Mansion will not be our main room-block hotel; it has only nine guest rooms (all luxurious). If you are thinking of staying there, here is some important information:(a) There are three "standard" rooms, which cost $149, plus taxes; a 10 % discount is given on the sleeping room portion. Two of these type rooms ar located on the third floor; and the third is on the second floor. There is a wide staircase, but no elevator. These rooms are spacious, w/modern bathrooms, toilets and showers.

(b) There are two "Superior" rooms, both on the third floor, and the cost is $169 (minus 10%), plus taxes. A luxury, home-made breakfast is included. The other two types of rooms are too expensive to consider. For more info., call Dan, its Innkeeper: (518) 584-7012 (a delightful man), and/or call me.

In a separate email, I will pose to you the pros and cons of the two hotel room-blocks I am trying to choose between: The Holiday Inn, and the Inn at Saratoga (website: Both facilities across from each other, on Broadway, and are a two-minute walk from the Batcheller Mansion Inn.

(9) We toured, in Albany, NY, the Schuyler Mansion and the State Capitol, with guides. Each is great. It would take carpooling some 40-50 minutes, each way, from S.S. My question is this: Should we consider going to Albany in 2014, and stay at a hotel there? The Schuyler Mansion has a sister facility, the Crailow (phonetic) House, directly across the Hudson River, worthly of a tour, also. It may be more relaxing to stay in Albany when we tour those three places. There is a lot of walking involved in the tour of the State Capitol (which is well worth seeing).

Let me know all your thoughts on the above.

Stuart 10/13/12


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