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250th birthday celebration for Chief Justice John Marshall

Sept. 24, 2004: Here is John and Polly Marshall's house, now a museum:

Inside, the Colonial Dancers of Richmond performed.

After several demonstrations, they invited the audience to participate in what eventually became square dancing.

They posed outside beneath the tent in the John Marshall garden.

At the formal gala dinner at the Marriot that evening, the John Marshall medal was awarded to

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. His speech was magnificent. (My flash photo of him was not.)

The mayor announced that the City of Richmond would deed the museum to the historical society and local ABA

(No not the Aaron Burr Association, but the American Bar Association)

Instead of wearing tuxedos like everyone else (except the Marshall and Washington re-enactors)

Stuart and Peter were in period costume. Helena and Mary had a blast watching us get dressed up!

The nearby Jefferson Hotel for breakfast was quite elegant.

At St. James Episcopal church, the reverend is a descendent of Marshall.

He conducted an inspiring service. The wording above the altar is inspiring.

Remember February 6, 2006 is the 250th birthday of Aaron Burr in Newark, NJ.

And 2007 in Richmond is the 200th anniversary of the famous trial where Judge John Marshall and the jury

found Aaron Burr "Not Guilty" of Treason.

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