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Duel Reenactment Photos

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Pictures of the Duel Reenactment in sequence

prepared for the Aaron Burr Association 7/11/04

The Burr and VanNess actors are rowed to Weehawken with Empire State Building above them.

Governor McGreevey has just given a speech.

Four oarsmen and oarswomen row them to Weehawken.

Newsday publishes this close up of the barge.

Directors Bruce left and John right accompany William Peter VanNess to stage.

Bruce is husband to Reenactment Committee Chair Lauren Sherman

who deserves all credit for orchestrating this!

Burr in blue and VanNess actors approach the stage.

On stage in crowd estimated at 1500. Empire State Building is shown.

Nathaniel Pendleton (a professor from Hamilton College) left and Alexander's 5th great grandson right.

The seconds role dice for position.

Your choice of pistols Colonel Burr.

Hamilton receives the other pistol.

Burr about to fire.

Both pistols ignite their black powder perfectly!

Credit to pistol prop master Willie Demontreux of the Weehawken Historical Commission.

The New York Post printed this full page color photo on Monday.

Hamilton's paper says Hamilton served under Washington,

while Burr served under Benedict Arnold, as if Burr is like the traitor Arnold.

Publishing hasn't come far since James Cheetham's American Citizen 200 years ago!

Hamilton falls.

Burr goes toward him, but is intercepted by VanNess.

ABA President Stuart Johnson plays Dr. David Hosack with medical bag.

A New York City descendent also named Hosack attended, and recently joined the ABA.

We also met descendent VanNess, who is invited to join as well!

NBC anchor man in tie hears: "This is a mortal wound doctor" as Dr. Hosack consoles Alexander Hamilton.

End of Reenactment

Doug Hamilton and Antonio Burr pose for live head shots.

The Dueling Plaque

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