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"New play about Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr":

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

The Brightest Light by Diana Howie is a play that follows the seemingly-parallel lives of Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr until their duel. Audience members were intrigued: "Puts politics today in a whole new perspective." "Powerful!" "This should be playing all the time in Washington, if people there can stand the truth."

The director of New Play Development at the Alley Theatre wrote that "The Brightest Light is an absorbing play that transcends being an American history lesson spanning the pre-Revolutionary War Era through Hamilton's death with the Republic's birth pangs chronicled in between. This is not a black and white portrayal: heroes and founding fathers become elusive terms that must be re-examined under new historical filters -- most especially in relation to Hamilton, Burr, Washington and others of that era."

The Brightest Light is published by Playscripts, Inc., and can be perused at

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