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Supreme Court Historical Society Reenactment of the Aaron Burr trial

Supreme Court Historical Society Reenactment of the Aaron Burr trial

March 27, 2006 at the Supreme Court Building in Washington DC

Six ABA members pose in the lobby in front of the statue of John Marshall

Pete, Brian, Katherine, Stuart, Helena and Harry

We sat in the front row of spectators in the official chamber. No pictures were allowed once we were inside.

Justice Antonin Scalia sat in the center chair portraying John Marshall.

He heard arguments from his son Eugene playing the prosecution, and Robert Fiske Jr. as Burr's defender.

Author Buckner Melton sat in front of us.

Justice Scalia again found Burr "Not Guilty" as John Marshall did 199 years ago.

At the reception, the Society photographer took a picture of ABA members with Justice Scalia, and promised to send it to us.

Justice Scalia accepted a book "The Case of Aaron Burr" by Reed and Williams, given to him by Peter Tavino.

He and his son Eugene listened to our case that Aaron was persecuted by Jefferson because he was about to set up

a free zone for slaves at the Bastrop Tract in Louisiana and Arkansas.

In this blurry picture Stuart Johnson and Justice Scalia chat.

Here is an official professional photo taken of Justice Scalia, his son Eugene, Peter, Stuart and Katherine.

"Justice Scalia and his son Eugene pose with members of the Aaron Burr Association after the Historic Reenactment of the 1807 Richmond, VA trial. Neither Justice Scalia nor The Supreme Court Historical Society endorse the Aaron Burr Association, or favor any side in historic cases such as this one."

Outside in the lobby, Justice Scalia leaves the reception.

Peter Tavino showed him his picture in the Washington Post that he still had not seen that evening, and explained that it was about remarks he made in Switzerland the weekend before. He graciously signed the newspaper article for Peter.

Bruckner Melton signed below.

Newsweek also had a full page article on Justice Scalia this week.

And he wrote to the Boston Herald that day to claim that his hand under chin gesture was not obscene as they claimed.

We thank Justice Scalia for studying the Aaron Burr case in depth with his busy schedule,

and for proclaiming Aaron the winner in court as Aaron really was.

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