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Tour Burr's Life for a Vacation

Childhood and upbringing

  • Burr's place of Birth- 1st Presbyterian Church; Broad St.,Newark,New Jersey (above)

  • Burr's Law School, childhood tutor, and brother in law's home- Tapping Reeve's Law School; Litchfield, Connecticut

  • Burr's Religious Training- Bellamy-Ferriday House; Bethlehem, Connecticut

  • Burr's University experience-Princeton University;Princeton,New Jersey

Where Burr spent the Revolutionary War

  • Battle of Quebec; Quebec,Canada

  • Battle of Long Island; Brooklyn Heights-South Ferry retreat-Burr saved Knox's troops at the Present Grand St. and advanced them to Harlem Heights(Now Ft.Washington)

  • Valley Forge; Pennsylvania

  • Battle of Monmouth-Monmouth Nat'l Park;New Jersey

  • West-Point,New York

Life after the War

  • Gen. Washington says goodbye to the Society of Cincinnati which included Burr- Fraunces Tavern, 54 Pearl St., New York City

  • Burr finishes law- Haverstraw,New York(Same town where Major Andre and Bendict Arnold would converse)

  • Theodosia Prevost's (1st wife) home- The Hermitage;Hohokus,New Jersey

  • State Assemblyman and Attorney General-Albany,New York

  • Burr creates bank/company to bring water to NYC; The Manhattan Company (now Chase-Manhattan at a different location)-40 Wall St. New York,NY

As US Senator and Vice-President

  • Burr's Mansion-Richmond Hill; Formerly on Varick and Charleton Street intersection, the fountain and front gate was at the park/triangle intersection on McDougal Street

  • Burr's Carriage House-Two if by Land, One if by Sea Restaurant;17 Barrow St. New York City

  • Most Surprising History Lesson-Picture of Burr and info on how Greenwich Village was once Richmond Hill; McDonald's, 450 Sixth Avenue at 8th street(By NYU),New York,New York

  • Tammany Hall building(old)- Con Edison Building, New York City

  • Tammany Hall(new)- W. 14th St; right by Union Square(now a theater, but the stone still reads:Society of St. Tammany), New York City

  • Old Senate Chambers(served as US Senator and presided here over the Samuel Chase impeachment as VP)-US Capitol, Washington D.C.

  • Aaron Burr bust-Hall of Vice-Presidents; US Capitol, Washington D.C.

The Duel

  • The duel sight and memorial- Hamilton Park, Weehawken,New Jersey(take JFK East Blvd to Hamilton Ave.)

  • The Dueling Pistols-Chase/Manhattan Bank;the originals can not be seen, but duplicates can be researched and seen, Chase-Manhattan Plaza, New York City

  • Hamilton's Mansion-The Grange;287 Convent Ave., New York City The "Conspiracy"

Places that are involved in the alleged actions

  • Blennerhassett Island

  • Andrew Jackson's Hermitage

  • Where Burr was capturedThe Natchez Trace

  • Burr visited Indiana Territorial Governor Harrison- Vincennes, Indiana at the time of Burr

  • The Trial- Richmond, Virginia

Life after the exile

  • Theodosia's House in South Carolina

  • Burr's Townhouses, McDougal St., New York City

  • Burr's last house Morris-Jumel Mansion(2nd wife)65 Jumel Terrace,(at 160th Street east of St. Nicholas Avenue)New York City

  • Burr's Grave-Princeton Cemetary; Princeton,New Jersey

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